Original map recreation

While remaking the arena, we didn't have any plans of surronunding buildings, so we looked at [...] Read more

Login server

Good news :) We have finished basics for networking over TCP. It will allow us for actions such as [...] Read more

Back to development- launcher

We're back to development. Not the game itself, but launcher is almost finished. It can autoupdate [...] Read more

Few weeks off

Hi We are taking few weeks off. We are not sure how long it will take us to get back on the [...] Read more

Map rebuilding

I'm rebuilding map surroundings to match them closer up with original. I have access to the [...] Read more

Weapons, weapons, weapons

I'm working on weapons. Today I managed to implement 1st back weapon, as you can see on the [...] Read more

Lobby, Rolling Pin and system requirements

Lobby Today we decided, that the lobby will be on 1 screen with workshop. You will have to declare [...] Read more


Today I wasn't developing too much. I just implemented drill into the game, as always messing up [...] Read more

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