Lobby, Rolling Pin and system requirements


Today we decided, that the lobby will be on 1 screen with workshop. You will have to declare that you're ready by switching some king of switch, so others can see you in the lobby. When you're in the lobby, you will still be able to paint your bot and buy or sell parts, but you won't be able to edit your bot.

Rolling Pin

It doesn't have final texture, but it works. It deals damage only when spinning (and yes, it does spin).


system requirements

I'm setting up testing gear on a fairly old laptop: Toshiba Satellite L20-182. It has ATI Xpress 200M GPU and single-core CPU@1.6GHz. Original 512MB of RAM extended to 1.5GB. It'll run Windows Vista SP1 x86 (was designed for Windows XP).

We won't support Windows XP, there are some important libraries missing (Microsoft Media Foundation). Only Vista and up, sorry.

Our goal is to make it playable. Not pleasant, playable. That means not dropping below 15FPS on that machine.

Here are a few games on that GPU for comparison:

edit. Didn't remember Vista's installer looks (and feels) so good. They cut it down in Windows 7, and in 10 it's just one color screens. Well, subjectively Vista was the best looking Windows so far.

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