Weapons, weapons, weapons

I'm working on weapons. Today I managed to implement 1st back weapon, as you can see on the screenshot below.

It's dagger and it's fully functional (rolling pin on enemy bot is still waiting for proper UVW map and a texture).

Also here is our current status on all weapons implementation. We are skipping Rearmed and Premium weapons for now, they won't be in 1st public alpha.

Please mind, that this table is describing game logic (that it deals damage, rotates when it should etc), not models and textures. Most of the weapons are currently textured with "dagger" texture.

Y- ready
N- not ready
P- can be equipped, but doesn't work yet

I also managed to get rid of obsolete drawing method that was used to draw enemy bot (player's bot was drawn by new one). Now both bots are drawn with new method.

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